Since 2009, I've worn various hats in the design realm, transitioning seamlessly from roles as a graphic designer and visual designer to my current position as a Senior Product (UX/UI) Designer and Lead Designer.

Fueling my passion for innovation, I hold a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Azores, complemented by a degree in Computer Network and Multimedia from the same institution. My academic journey commenced in 2005 as a Computer Engineering student, but a revelatory Human Interface class redirected my trajectory toward Product Design, a path I've wholeheartedly embraced ever since.

For the past 7 years, I've immersed myself in the ever-evolving landscape of Product Design. Currently, I contribute my skills and insights as the Head of Design at Cinemaloop Inc., while also collaborating with ArtKey Media as a freelancer.

Beyond the professional realm, I'm a big advocate for the remote work culture, finding inspiration in the flexibility it affords. My wife and I share a love for traveling, a pursuit that not only exposes us to diverse cultures and behaviors but also serves as a means to push our own boundaries. When not immersed in the design world, you'll find me indulging in my passions for movies, painting, writing, and the occasional video games.

Join me on this creative journey as we explore the intersections of design, innovation, and the vast tapestry of human experiences!

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Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland
Tropic of Capricorn - Atacama, Chile

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